Scientists have created beef rice

Scientists have created beef rice

Korean scientists have cultivated "beef" rice in the lab, created by growing animal muscle and fat cells inside rice grains, reports World of NAN citing Cell Press.

The scientists first coated the rice with fish gelatin, a safe and edible ingredient that helps the cells attach better to the rice. Then the bovine muscle and fat stem cells were "seeded" into the rice and left to culture in a petri dish for 9-11 days.

The final product harvested is a "beef" rice grown on cell cultures whose main ingredients meet food safety requirements and have a low risk of food allergies. Such rice contains 8% more protein and 7% more fat than regular rice.

The team's product has a much smaller carbon footprint and costs much less. Also, "beef" rice has a high nutritional value and will probably take its place on the market in the future.

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