Oilseeds processing plant will be built in North-Kazakhstan region

Oilseeds processing plant will be built in North-Kazakhstan region

Construction of oil extraction plant was started in North-Kazakhstan region, reports World of NAN.

To recall, the state identified oilseeds and vegetable oil as priority goods within the accelerated development of non-oil exports in the current 2021 in the agro-industrial sector.

"New enterprise will be able to process 370 thousand tons of oilseeds per year. Maslodel LLP is investing 15 billion tg. More than 200 permanent jobs will be created," the Instagram post by SKO Akim Kumar Aksakalov states.

Oil-factory will be provided with raw material as North-Kazakhstan region is a leader in the country on production of oil-bearing crops. Every year 1 million hectares are sown - this is one third of all areas in the republic.

" By launching the new plant, we will be able to process the lion's share of oilseeds in the region. Also, the enterprise will produce high-protein feed additives: cake and meal, which are now imported from other regions, "- wrote the akim in the post.

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