WKR: 5 000 ha of grain crops damaged due to floods

WKR: 5 000 ha of grain crops damaged due to floods

According to the Akimats of districts and cities, 4,955 hectares of grain crops, 5.1 hectares of orchards, 2.1 hectares of greenhouses and strawberry crops have been damaged by flooding, World of NAN reports with reference to

Currently, commissions are being set up and operating in the districts. To date, 24 applications have been received. For each affected object, technological maps are being drawn up and coordinated with the research institute. The commissions will then calculate the damage and draw conclusions.

Livestock costs have been fully reimbursed. In particular, according to 139 applications for 1,171 heads (219 cattle, 680 sheep and goats, 63 horses, 71 pigs, 138 poultry) registered in the system of identification of farm animals, 151.6 million tenge was paid.

In total in the region confirmed loss of livestock on 2,457 heads, of which 1,171 heads are registered in the system. And 1,286 heads of livestock not registered in the system were compensated by local farms and residents.

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