12 december 2022
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BAUER: You harvest, we irrigate

BAUER: You harvest, we irrigate

More than 90 years of experience in field irrigation has allowed BAUER to combine the best solutions and technologies in its 9000 system machine range. The in-house development and production of most solution components ensures not only the reliability and durability of BAUER irrigation systems, but also the optimal combination of performance features such as energy efficiency and water savings. The 9000 system includes three machine types: the CENTERSTAR circular, the LINESTAR linear and the CENTERLINER hybrid ( hippodrome), reports World of NAN.

The CENTERSTAR 9000 circular machines combine cutting-edge design with time-tested solutions to ensure minimal labor and energy consumption with high irrigation efficiency. The range of machines includes five basic versions of central towers. The smallest one, the 133rd, supports a maximum of seven sections for a maximum irrigation capacity of 150 m3/h up to 60 ha, and the strongest, the 254th, up to 600 m3/h and 200 ha respectively. The towers are made in the form of a robust quadrangular structure with a wide base. To increase stiffness, 100×100 mm distance brackets, a wide support bar with a large support surface and transverse stiffening are used. In addition to the stationary versions of the towers, there is also a mobile towed version - 203. With a maximum of 12 sections, it provides irrigation of an area up to 150 hectares, with a water supply capacity of up to 380 m3 / h. The standard ground clearance for all BAUER CENTERSTAR Setters is 3.1m, but can be increased to 3.9m for the 168th and 203rd, enabling successful irrigation of maize at late plant development stages. The BAUER circular units can also be equipped with an angular irrigation system. With an additional movable partition up to 90 m long, the irrigation area can be converted from a circle to an almost square irrigation area, increasing the area utilization. And it can even be retrofitted to an existing unit.

LINESTAR linear units are the optimal solution for continuous irrigation of large rectangular fields. The accuracy of movement is achieved even in difficult areas of the fields, thanks to the independent automatic correction of deviations between the movable supports. They are powerful and durable systems. Up to 200 m3/h can be achieved in up to seven sections with a total length of up to 450m with a two-wheeled central tower and water supply from one or both sides. LINESTAR units with a four-wheeled central tower and central water delivery can have a total section length of up to 760m and deliver up to 400 cubic meters per hour. For canal irrigation, the LINESTAR has a maximum length of 1260m and can irrigate fields up to 400ha with a capacity of up to 1100m3/h. The water intake can be arranged either via a float suction line or via a suction line with slide. Among all other irrigation systems, these autonomous systems are characterized not only by low energy costs, but also by the lowest investment costs.

The CENTERLINER hybrid (hippodrome) units can operate in different areas of the field, both in front and in circular mode, thanks to their four-wheeled central towers and special design. The systems make optimum use of even the most difficultly shaped fields. BAUER has three such systems: CLS, CLE and CLX MULTITSTAR. The CLS is the simplest of the three. It only has automatic rotation of the sliding supports and rigid connections. The CLE versions have a flexible hose connection option. This makes it possible to work with automatic return of the unit without the need to switch the hose. The CLX MULTITSTAR is the most flexible in terms of configuration. It even has the ability to swivel the central tower to work on L-shaped areas. The maximum recommended length of all three systems is 450 meters. The CLS and CLE have capacities of up to 400 m3/h and the CLX MULITSTAR up to 200 m3/h. As with the linear systems, CENTERLINER systems can draw water from the irrigation canal using a float system. In this case the capacity is up to 450 m3/h. Like the LINESTAR K, the CENTERLINER units can be controlled via furrow, cable or buried cable.

BAUER sprinkler systems can be equipped with a variety of functions and features for irrigation control, ranging from the simplest with a basic set of functions in the form of a remote control with buttons to the most advanced. The latter not only simplify setup, make it more convenient to work with them, but also allow you to do it all remotely. Including via SMS or the Internet with the SMARTRAIN application.

For more information about BAUER irrigation systems, please contact CT AGRO.


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