12 april 2022
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Rostselmash introduced the novelties of agricultural equipment to the farmers

Rostselmash introduced the novelties of agricultural equipment to the farmers

This season's agricultural exhibitions proved to be fruitful for Rostselmash Service Center LLP. Domestic farmers visited the regional exhibition Agro Kostanay 2022 and republican exhibition AgriTek FarmTek Astana - 2022 (Nur-Sultan) before the beginning of the spring field work, where they could see the new equipment and appreciate the benefits of the proposed models, World of NAN reports.

KSU 2 - a new generation of multifunctional mower

One of the proposed innovations is a multifunctional self-propelled mower KSU 2

This versatile unit is especially appealing to livestock farmers engaged in the provision of forage. As the experts note, the machine allows you to solve several problems simultaneously. It perfectly mows and windrows grain, leguminous and cereals, chops forage grass.         

Despite its power and high output, the mower has an economical engine. The engine electronics monitor the engine torque and supplies exactly the amount of fuel required for the current load. This minimizes fuel consumption. The mower is equipped with a state-of-the-art onboard computer, enabling the machine to be operated and maintained easily. The mowed area per season on the proposed mower can reach 5 thousand hectares.

The power of four machines in one combine

This is how the specialists of the service center describe the new line of forage harvesters by Rostselmash. The RSM F 2550 model, paired with another modern Rostselmash forage harvester, replaced four old low-powered machines.

As experts assure, the new model guarantees the necessary completeness of grain crushing and qualitative chopping of forage.

The chopping unit provides up to 85% uniformity of chopping lengths. The animals are happy to eat the forage chopped to the optimal size. The powerful harvester is capable of chopping up to 200 tons of crop per hour.RSM 3000 - Powerful tractors for energy-intensive operations

The 3000 series is unbeatable for power-consuming field operations. Serial production of these tractors started in March 2019 and is represented by 4 models with 440, 492, 542 and 583 hp. - RSM 3435, 3485, 3535, 3575. The choice of the 3000 series tractor is economically advantageous for farms with an arable area of 2,500 hectares and above.

Rostselmash is the only tractor manufacturer in CIS with output from 430 hp and higher, and RSM 3575 model is already recognized as the most powerful agricultural tractor produced in Russia. This is a reliable balanced tractor, with technical and economic parameters which correspond to the realities of agriculture. High power allows to reduce the number of passes per hectare. Including fuel and labor costs, and standard equipment with twin tires reduces pressure on the ground, thereby reducing damage to the most fertile layer of soil. The high-capacity models allow up to 18,000 hectares of arable land to be cultivated in a season.

Modern grain processing complex - ZMP-PSM-05

Another universal solution for farms - self-moving grain-processing complex, offered by the service center at the agrarian exhibitions. This unique complex by Rostselmash combines two important functions. It works in a throwing or dressing mode and allows to save on the purchase of one machine instead of two.

Not only post-harvest processing, but also seed treatment with chemicals can be performed on the modern machine. And this is not the whole list of works that the machine can easily cope with. Grain processing complex performs: humidifying of seeds of cereals, legumes and industrial crops against disease-causing agents; loading and unloading of grain storage; loading of grain into transport vehicles. In addition, it allows us to solve the problems on the mechanical shredding (re-shredding) of the grain on the open platforms during the grain delivery from the combine harvester; formation of the piles of grain, delivered by vehicles on the platforms; separation of the grain with the separation of the light fraction.

What else is Rostselmash developing?

As we noted above, the agricultural exhibitions were very intense. Business negotiations were held and new contracts were signed during the events. Close contact with farmers helped specialists to identify the needs of agricultural producers and determine the interests of potential customers.

As for plans, while agrarians of the country are busy on field works, service center is preparing for opening of summer season. It promises to be no less interesting. On July 13-14, on the Day of the Field "Jańa Dala/GreenDay 2022" on demonstration fields of LLP "Enbek" of Akmola District of Akmola Region, Rostselmash will present new models of machinery. With novelties it will be possible to get acquainted also on Kostanay Day of fields on July 28-29 of this year on fields of "Kazak tulpary" LLP in Zarechny settlement.


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