17 april 2021
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Soil-friendly and powerful out in the field - 8RX from John Deere presented to agrarians in Kazakhstan

Soil-friendly and powerful out in the field - 8RX from John Deere presented to agrarians in Kazakhstan

The absolute new SMART-Solution 8RX from John Deere, having no analogues in the world, was presented to the guests of the event during the Digital Forum. Kazakhstan farmers have been waiting for this premiere. And we have to say that the presentation was a great opening of the new agricultural season. Another versatile super equipment from the world leader farmers have welcomed with enthusiasm.

What is a digital forum without some nifty features? The ideal characteristics of the bold and bright 8RX were fully revealed in 3D. Through a laser show and 3D technology powerful and spectacular 8RX was " created " right before our eyes. The designers painstakingly and carefully "assembled" each element of the new smart solution. The action was accompanied by music and a bright light show, making the effect of animated technology look amazingly realistic. 8RX virtually burst into the hall, making it explode with emotion.

The guests were presented with the technical characteristics and advantages of the new equipment by the speakers. From which it became clear that the 8 RX is undoubtedly the embodiment of unstoppable power and strength.

What is the edge of the 8 RX from previous models?

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is reliability, performance and other characteristics that distinguish good technology. It's all definitely present in the 8 RX. But most importantly - it's caring! Yes, that's right. As it turns out, it really cares. About the environment, about humanity. About ensuring that you and I and our children are fed.

Two years ago, the UN said that every five seconds an area the size of a soccer field gets degraded. And it takes about a thousand years to restore just two or three centimeters of fertile layer. And if the destruction of the fertile layer of soil is not stopped, the next generation will not be able to meet their food needs. The only way to ensure their food security is to take care of the soil now. As the presenters noted, the new John Deere development was the answer to the challenge of time. The company produced a model that is gentle on the soil while working without loss of productivity.

To maximize protection and minimize soil pressure, the new 8RX gives special attention to even weight distribution. A tremendous amount of effort has resulted in a perfect balance of machinery weighing more than 20 tons and its low ground pressure.

"The 8RX tractors offer maximum traction, very smooth steering even on short headlands, excellent stability on side slopes and a wide field window. They set a new standard in the crawler segment," comments Ekaterina Kisselova, Head of Product Promotion at Eurasia Group Kazakhstan LLP.

Apparently, thanks to the features of the original four-caterpillar design, the 8 RX has all the advantages of wheeled and tracked vehicles at the same time. Designed for maximum soil protection in all conditions, the 8RX machines embody high productivity, gentle on the fields. Compared to 2-track tractors, the 8RX is far less dependent on soil conditions, the experts assure.

"Driving the 8RX in the fields feels almost like soaring. And it's all thanks not only to the 4-track design, but also to the tilting chassis, rear-mounted intermediate support rollers, and the improved cab suspension," said the presenters of the evening.

The machinery is no more than 3 meters wide, and the ground grip area allows for a load of up to 24 tons. The series is available in capacities from 310 to 410 horsepower. The powerful 9.0-liter engine with 6 cylinders is an indicator of the supercar's tractive power.

The manufacturer assured not only reliability, but also maximum economy. Speeds on the machine are selected for optimum use of engine power and torque, so the operator can choose the right gear for maximum fuel economy. Maximum performance in the field - ten gears in the main working range of 5 to 16 km/h provide the ideal gear for the most demanding traction work.

The comfort of the machine is a separate topic. The CommandView cab, which offers a new level of visibility, is even more spacious. It is equipped with a super-powerful stereo system and a massager. Configuration of the machine allows to install even a refrigerator.

The company has not changed its style this time, either. Artificial intelligence 8 RX "thinks and decides" for the agronomist, machine operator and even the farmer. The CommandCenter touchscreen with shortcuts and context clues makes navigation easier than ever. "Smart System" AutoTrac increases machine productivity while reducing fuel, fertilizer and chemical costs, while improving seeding quality. With AutoTrac, the manufacturer guarantees perfect crop distribution.

John Deere has equipped the new machinery with a smart dashboard as well. The Machine Dashboard will display operating conditions and error codes for the farmer's dealer in real time. In turn, the dealer will be able to remotely connect to the machine, perform additional diagnostics and remote software updates to help the farmer troubleshoot faster. In this way, the farmer can avoid downtime and save money and time.

The new 8RX is ideal for tasks such as seeding and tilling, manure spreading, seedbed preparation, slurry spreading, silage harvesting and rotary harrow work, according to dealers.

And if you want an intelligent machine that "decides and thinks" for you, the John Deere 8RX is the perfect solution.

We found out that many businessmen had time to get acquainted with the machine's technical characteristics even before the official presentation. Moreover some farmers, having successfully used the John Deere equipment on their fields and being confident in its reliability and efficiency, already decided to purchase the new product. In a solemn atmosphere co-founder of AstykSTEM LLP Sergey Zvolsky and director of Aksai LLP Anatoly Shloma received the keys to new 8RX machines to the sounds of fanfare.

"We have been working with John Deere equipment for eight years. During this time I have seen that this producer really cares not only about technical capabilities and efficiency but also focuses on the environment and the land we work on. The new 8RX, as you've heard, cares about the soil. And the fertility of the soil determines the harvest. So we decided that this is what we need," says Sergei Zvolsky.

The presentation was barely finished, yet 7 new machines have already found their owners! Impressive success of the company which does not need any further words.

Certainly, after reading the article, you may have more questions about the technical characteristics. You can obtain all the information you want from the regional offices of Eurasia Group Kazakhstan LLP.


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