A South African company will launch a single platform connecting farmers, scientists and consultants

02 january 2021
2 min
A South African company will launch a single platform connecting farmers, scientists and consultants

Agrimotion Consulting (South Africa) is developing a unified platform connecting growers, scientists, consultants and service providers, reports World of NAN.

"I'm confident that in the coming years, farmers will raise the issues of open interaction between growers and data providers, that is, the network of service providers and consultants visiting their farms. Never before have there been so many agricultural technology companies collecting data, and the amount of information for farmers is enormous, so creating a single database is very relevant," says Koenraad Frenkel, CEO of the company.

To make all this data available to farmers, Frenkel says, experts are working with a wealth of information on IRIS® (Integrated Response Irrigation Planning) and IMPI® (Imaging, Monitoring, Production, Integration) water management platforms, which help developers bring farm data into a dedicated application.

"Our platforms translate all the data into easy-to-understand recommendations for simple farmers. We're not interested in the algorithms behind the app or how the technology functions, but we know the customer would like to see all the data in one place. Through development, we want to establish close business relationships with prospective agricultural companies as well," says Koenraad Frenkel.

The company also attaches great importance to the placement of research data on the future platform. As scientists work on many agricultural issues, such as soil science, plant nutrition and manipulation, irrigation, remote sensing and climate analysis. Thus, the consulting company sees itself as an intermediary between universities conducting theoretical research and representatives of practical agriculture.

Koenraad says its independence makes Agrimotion an ideal partner for integrating farmer-generated data (which, he says, is ultimately owned by farmers) into collaborations between companies, service providers and consultants.

"We're somewhat of a knowledge seller, which means our knowledge must always be accurate, which is why we work with established universities and research institutes. All of our team leaders are members of advisory groups of industry associations, such as HORTGRO or the South African Soil Classification Working Group," says the company's CEO.

In short, the new platform is intended to be a structure in which all data emanating from the agricultural enterprise and all information and experience relating to it are integrated for full practical application.