Flax and peas bring the biggest profit to Kazakh farmers today

24 november 2020
3 min
Flax and peas bring the biggest profit to Kazakh farmers today

Today, flax and peas are in increasing demand on the grain market of Kazakhstan.

Particularly, the price for flax continues to grow steadily, which reflects the general trend of the last month. To date, deals are already closing in the range of 200-220 thousand tenge per ton. However, market participants expect further growth up to 250 thousand and higher.

Peas (yellow, 1st class) is currently trading within 130 thousand tenge per ton. Here also there is a stable upward trend, considering that in October the average trading price was 120 thousand tenge per ton.

This crop is traditionally grown in four regions: North Kazakhstan, Kostanay, Akmola and East Kazakhstan. And the sowing of peas from season to season continues to increase, which is due to increased demand from Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and other countries.

Every farmer in Kazakhstan can earn by growing these crops, the main question here is where to get quality seeds. 

For over 10 years Rapul Kazakhstan has been successfully selling a wide range of crops of German selection in our country. In addition to the main direction, which is spring rape seeds, Rapul Kazakhstan sells flax seeds, sunflower seeds, peas, spring wheat, brewing barley and feed barley, corn and potato seeds. 

To reduce the cost of logistics services and increase the availability of seed material for farmers, the firm imports super elite and elite, as well as working with partners to multiply several crops in different regions of Kazakhstan. Among them:

- High-yielding flax LIRINA - multiplied at KT Zenchenko (SKO);

- Pea variety ASTRONAVT - in KT "Zenchenko" (SKO), LLP "Abi-Jer" (SKO), LLP "OHMK" (VKO);

- Spring wheat soft CONTIENTAL - in CT "Zenchenko" (SKO), "Abi-Jer" LLP (SKO), "Ak-Jer 2010" LLP (SKO);

- spring soft wheat Kostanay - in "Tukym" LLP;

- spring soft awned wheat QUINTUS - in Tukym LLP, Abi-Jer LLP (SKO), Ak-Jer 2010 LLP (SKO);

 - Forage barley BENTE - in "Tukym" LLP;

- Brewer's barley ZALOME - in "OKHMK" LLP (East Kazakhstan region), "Ak-Zher 2010" (North Kazakhstan region).

The company notes that the quality in the work for RAPUL is a fundamental factor.

"Numerous consultations at seminars, field days or on the firm's website are conducted according to the RAPUL quality standard. Clients are always entitled to expect support from the company. Moreover, the standards set by RAPUL in Germany are also binding for subsidiaries outside of Germany. High quality and professionalism are the guiding principles for the work of all our subsidiaries. We are always ready to provide professional advice on matters of interest to you," the company noted.