15 april 2021
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Technologies of the FUTURE for the development of TODAY's agriculture. The first digital forum

Technologies of the FUTURE for the development of TODAY's agriculture. The first digital forum

The First International Forum for Digitalization of Agriculture started today in Akmola region. It will help farmers realize the importance of digital technologies and artificial intelligence in the running of agribusiness. The event, organized by Eurasia Group Kazakhstan LLP - acquainting domestic farmers with the technologies of digital agriculture of the world's leading brands, a visual demonstration of the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Within two days, the participants of the forum will be presented with intelligent solutions and technologies offered by the company and its partners for the development of agriculture in Kazakhstan.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the annual loss of grain reaches 30% of total production. If this figure around the world is 10%, then in the CIS countries, including Kazakhstan, it reaches 25%. The main reasons are farmers' low access to information about new developments and technologies, as well as imperfect production processes. This also includes low automation of agriculture, poor execution of agricultural work techniques.

Digitalization today - an integral part of life of every modern person. Agriculture is no exception. To develop further and meet the needs of a growing global population, it is no longer enough for farmers to just use machinery - in other words, iron - they need intelligence. Therefore, the main guests of the forum were progressive farmers in Kazakhstan, ready to implement digital solutions in their farms.

The initiators of the forum-exhibition consider the main goal of the large-scale event to be the transition of farmers to innovative methods of agriculture, where the main helpers of farmers are not only machinery and equipment, but also intelligent solutions that help to run agribusiness profitably, entrusting the farm to "smart" technologies, less dependent on human involvement.

Today the organizer of the event - "Eurasia Group Kazakhstan" is the only company on Kazakhstani agricultural market, offering the best machinery from world leaders with full service support, delivery of original spare parts and system of services of agro-management and MTS. Day by day the company helps Kazakh farmers to simplify the production process, facilitating the hard work of farmers on their farms, to do business more cost-effectively. The company's management is well aware that ultimately every farmer, regardless of the size of the farm contributes to food security. The country and the world as a whole.

Year after year, more and more farmers realize that the future of agriculture depends on them. It is such progressive-minded agrarians who can change approaches, implement innovative solutions that give agriculture a new impetus for development.

"At the end of 2020, we chose the purpose of the company's existence through a new mission - "We Feed the World", which reflects our entire journey related to agriculture and food security. We have always been and will always be innovative. And this forum once again demonstrates our intentions", the organizers of the event note. They are sure that this forum will help farmers to find answers to many questions which worry the farmers: how to increase crop yields on the fields? How to reduce production costs with increasing input costs? How to get a detailed picture of what is happening on the farms? "And if the event encourages farmers to decide to change their approach to farming with digitalization, then the main goal of the forum - to change the farmers' mindset and convey the importance of the transition to smart technologies - will be achieved," the company representatives emphasize.

After welcoming the guests, the presentation of advanced digital technology began. For instance, John Deere Smart-Start solutions for farming and new systems of precise agriculture that can be easily integrated into the agricultural equipment of many brands of world agricultural machinery were presented to the participants. It was especially emphasized that dealers not only install the system on customers' equipment, but also provide assistance in training and service support. As noted by experts at the forum, the new platform helps to automate work processes in the fields.

The presentation of a single platform from the fields without intermediaries aroused great interest among the participants. Moreover, Kairat Baytulik, Director of DiLand LLP, shared his practical experience of using the platform on one of the large farms of Aktobe region. 

The speaker spoke about how the solutions presented were used in practice and what indicators could be improved by the farmer in his daily work using the digital platform.

The guests learned a lot about the capabilities of the JDLink system, which allows efficient use and tracking of investments, the telematics system LiveLink from JCB. As the speakers explained LiveLink is the software which allows the farmers who own the JCB machinery and the service company to control the machines remotely.

At the international forum of digitalization of agriculture they also considered the online platform of MyJohn Deere operations center which includes agro technical solutions and tools for analysis of operations in the field.

The speeches of the invited guests continued in the question-and-answer format. The participants could get first-hand answers and exchange opinions on the presented IT tools.

At the end of the first day of the forum the guests were informed about the surprise, which was waiting for the participants in the evening. The interest of the guests was particularly piqued by the presenters' statements "You haven't seen anything like this in Kazakhstan!


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