19 february 2022
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Scientists have created hypoallergenic fruit

Scientists have created hypoallergenic fruit

The Dutch and Germans have found a way to process fruit that will reduce allergic reactions when someone touches or swallows the fruit, World of NAN reports, citing freshplaza.com. 

The number of people suffering from food allergies is increasing every year. Allergies can cause irritation or serious problems such as stomach cramps, skin irritation or tightness in the chest. It keeps people from getting the beneficial nutrients from fruits. 

SMP founder and director Gregor Lute originally worked on a way to sweeten the fruit to reduce the use of added sugar. However, he fortuitously discovered that the use of gases not only sweetened the fruit, but also caused fewer allergic reactions.

"It was at a children's party. One of the kids was allergic to strawberries, but we didn't know about it. The child ate a lot of strawberries, which we 'processed,' and there was no reaction. We based this discovery on that," Gregor said.

The scientists didn't stop there and continued the series of tests. Enriching the fruit with carbon dioxide and the subsequent chemical reaction causes the allergens to disappear. The subjects, who had not eaten apples for more than ten years, could confidently enjoy the fruit again. Apples, strawberries and carrots were successfully tested.

Now the company is looking for funding for more research and prototyping to produce devices that create hypoallergenic fruit.