Kazakhstan and Belarus will launch joint projects in the agricultural sector

Kazakhstan and Belarus will launch joint projects in the agricultural sector

The Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Saparkhan Omarov met with the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus Anatoly Khotko.

The Republic of Belarus is an important partner for Kazakhstan, especially in the economic and agricultural sectors. Kazakhstan has great potential for deliveries to Belarus of various crop products and products of its processing: grain, oilseeds, some vegetables.

During the meeting, the ministers discussed issues of trade, the implementation of joint projects, the current state of the agricultural industry and the possibility of developing bilateral cooperation.

The parties emphasized the importance of cooperation on the production and processing of livestock products, with particular attention to the development of the dairy sector of Kazakhstan. At the same time, Kazakhstan is interested in applying successful Belarusian experience in selected and stock breeding, feed production, ensuring veterinary favourable environment, bringing raw materials for processing, development of agricultural education and extension system (transfer of knowledge to farmers), information support in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations. There aquaculture development issues were also discussed.

Agreements were reached on the creation of a model dairy farm for 400-700 cows with a milk processing workshop in the educational and experimental farm of the JSC Kazakh National Agrarian University.

The parties also discussed the feasibility of creating in the Republic of Kazakhstan a joint Belarusian-Kazakh enterprise for the production of veterinary drugs with the prospect of their delivery to third countries.

It should be noted that just yesterday, as part of the meeting of the Working Group, a Memorandum of cooperation and joint activities was signed between BelVitunifarm OJSC (Republic of Belarus) and WEIDER PHARM LLP (Republic of Kazakhstan) on the creation of a joint Kazakh-Belarusian enterprise for the production of biological veterinary drugs .

S. Omarov during the meeting noted that Kazakhstan was ready to consider a proposal for the supply of feed grain and durum wheat to Belarus.

The parties agreed to intensify trade in agricultural products and processed products, organize a visit by the Kazakh delegation to familiarize themselves with experience in the dairy sector.

Following the meeting, the ministers signed the protocol of the first meeting of the joint Kazakh-Belarusian working group to develop promising areas of bilateral cooperation in the field of agriculture.


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