AgriTek/FarmTek Astana-2021" exhibition opened its doors

AgriTek/FarmTek Astana-2021

International specialized agricultural exhibition AgriTek/FarmTek opened today in Nur-Sultan, World of NAN reports.

The 16th exhibition, organized by TNT EXPO, will focus on "Agricultural machinery and equipment", "Equipment for horticulture" and "Livestock".

This year the pandemic has made adjustments to the work of the exhibition. Its scope is much more limited than before. Representatives of 100 companies from Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, China and Kazakhstan came to participate.

"Restrictions had a significant impact on the number of exhibitors. Firstly, the summer time is not a very convenient time for the potential participants. It is easier for them to participate either before the sowing season or after the harvest. In addition, due to problems at the border, many foreign companies could not come to the exhibition. The exhibition, unfortunately, was reduced by half in volume, "- said the director of the exhibition Gennady Dyakin.

Also, due to quarantine restrictions, seminars and roundtables, for which some farmers came in search of new knowledge and experience, had not been organized for the first time. However, this did not affect the usefulness of the event.

Foreign guests presented a variety of equipment and services, livestock breeding technology, fertilizers, crop protection products, feed, and more to the review of domestic farmers.

The uniqueness of this exhibition was that farmers could personally communicate with experts, who worked with the presented innovative technologies.

Didar Beisenbayev, from the "KronAgro" farm, came to the exhibition specifically from Aksu, Pavlodar Region.

"We are engaged in vegetable growing and cattle breeding on our farm. We have 1,000 cattle of Simmental breed. We are interested in the improvement of machinery. We are especially interested in spare parts for existing equipment, irrigation systems, and the modernization of machinery in general. The whole line of equipment is foreign, sprinkler machines - Bauer, irrigation systems - Grimme. Given that there will be a large number of foreign companies today, I hope to discover something new," says the farmer.

This is not the first exhibition for many of the manufacturers. They are well known in the market. And the newcomers attracted a lot of interest among the visitors. For example, an American company, engaged in production of agricultural aircraft, was presented at the exhibition for the first time.

A company representative said that despite the fact that the Kazakhstan market is new to the company, local farmers are already interested in their product.

"We see our mission as bringing together sellers, producers and consumers on one platform. Today, everyone who produces products for agriculture, whether it's machinery, seeds, fertilizers, veterinary products, got a chance to meet with farmers. Many exhibitors come to the exhibition every year. Obviously, it is good to establish a dialogue with customers. Despite all the difficulties, the exhibition is in demand. So it is useful for both farmers and companies, which find their customers", Gennady Dyakin comments on the course of the exhibition.

We remind you that the event will run until June 25. World of NAN is covering the exhibition on all media platforms. Our journalists will monitor the exhibition and report on the most interesting moments. Follow the feed.

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