02 march 2021
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Maneuverability, versatility and reliability attract farmers to JCB

Maneuverability, versatility and reliability attract farmers to JCB

Today almost every resident of the country, standing in front of the counter, wonders where do such prices for meat, milk and other agricultural products come from. Meanwhile, few people think that farmers also put a lot of effort into growing a good harvest and offering quality products on the market. For efficiency and productivity he has to implement modern technologies, choose reliable and efficient equipment, which requires considerable expenditures. Now every farmer has equipment in his arsenal, helping to solve a huge number of cases on a farm every day, including forklifts. According to statistics, every third sold loader in the world is produced by JCB. Why are these machines so popular and what specific tasks they help to solve in the agricultural sector? In the interview to our portal Aset Mukanov, the head of sale department of the JCB machinery in Kazakhstan shared the peculiarities and advantages of the company's products.

- Aset Bolatovich, how many years has JCB Company been on the Kazakhstani market? What equipment is the most popular among the customers?

- First of all I would like to make a short trip into the company's history. British company JCB got its name from the initials of the founder, the transcript of the abbreviation gives his full name, Joseph Cyril Bamford. The business began with Bamford's release in 1945 of the first tipper cart trailer. A special mechanism invented by the entrepreneur lifted the truck body and made it possible to dump out the contents of the tipper. And at that time everyone had to work manually. That's why the self-dumping dolly was greeted with enthusiasm. The layout and system of the trailer was reliable, it was very easy to work with, and it simplified the whole process. And these principles - to help solve any complicated, labor-intensive task as quickly and efficiently as possible, saving time and efforts of the people, have been the main tenets of the company for over 75 years. JCB has been present on the Kazakh market since the end of 2014. The only dealer for selling agricultural machinery is Eurasia Group Kazakhstan, which has 14 offices across the country. The official dealer network guarantees the availability of spare parts, quality service, training specialists and consultations of engineers. As for the most popular products, telescopic and mini forklifts are in particular demand.

- Why are loaders so attractive? How do they help farmers on the farm?

- Manufacturers, of which there are 22 around the world, produce more than 20 types of equipment, of which 5 loaders and more than 30 types of implements for agriculture. In this regard I would like to emphasize that all JCB machines are equipped with the components produced in-house - engines, gearboxes and axles. This undoubtedly increases the reliability, efficiency and service life. Now let us discuss the main advantages of the telescopic loaders and mini loaders - their maneuverability, mobility and versatility. In short, by purchasing one loader, you can use it outside the farm, to solve many household issues. Firstly, the equipment works well in narrow areas, thanks to the simple and easy operation. Second, to expand the capabilities of a telescopic handler, you can install additional equipment - different buckets, agricultural forks, grabs, hooks. Loaders are excellent for fast and high-quality preparation of fodder, for cleaning livestock buildings and warehouses. For example, large front loaders are used for tamping and loading silage, drilling organic fertilizers. If the loader is outfitted with a bale grapple, it is used for transporting and loading hay. With the help of a telescopic handler you can use it for transportation of grain crops and distribution of fodder on big farms. Well, as noted above, versatility allows you to use machinery for household works as a truck, from replacing lighting, whitewashing, snow removal, earthmoving and construction works.

- Why would a farmer overpay for a foreign analogue, when there are tractors? And what exactly does the company offer for agricultural work?

- Tractors can handle a certain task. However, most of them are either large and clumsy, or limited in height. Their maximum height is 3-3,5 meters. Telescopic loaders are powerful, but compact, and they can easily bypass any obstacles and buildings. For example, consider the favorite of Kazakh farmers, the model 531-70 Agri. Their lifting capacity is more than 3 tons, and lifting height up to 7 meters. This is the level of all basic work. At the same time, it is equipped with an economical 4.4-liter engine. The other - 535-95 - can lift up to 3.5 tons to a height of 9.5 meters.

JCB 270 mini loader, which specialists call "cattle truck", can replace up to 6 people, saving time and money of a businessman. Thanks to its compact size it cleans the room, replacing heavy manual labor. Maneuverable mini loader with a rubber blade perfectly rakes up the fodder, hay, which cows often break during meals. And according to the specialists 30% of milk yield depends on genetics, and the remaining 70% on the quality of feeding and cows' conditions. Thus, British technology helps the farmer not only to prepare feed, keep the farm clean, but also indirectly to increase milk productivity and maintain the health of the cows.

- Continuing the theme of the model range what new products does JCB has to offer this year?

- This year the Telemaster 320 S designed to move any kind of cargo in crop and livestock farms has entered the market. JCB engineers equipped the front loader with a telescopic boom with a lifting capacity of 3.2 tons and a lifting height of 5.2 meters. At the same time it has an excellent 6-speed transmission and hydraulics with a flow of 160 l / min. This flow of hydraulics allows you to work very accurately and quickly, allowing excellent maneuverability of the machine. The operator's cab is slightly off to the side and the boom is right in the center of the machine, providing the driver with excellent visibility. The forklift is equipped with a telematics control system. That is, the owner can see the actual fuel consumption, total operating time of the equipment, monitor the technical condition of the machine. The system alerts the operator if oil or filters need to be changed. The online monitoring is also carried out by our specialists. All information is recorded in the system and if the operator does not pay attention to warnings or signals from the machine, our engineers receive these signals and react immediately - they recommend to stop the machine to avoid breakdowns or if necessary they will come for service. Very soon farmers will be able to test Telemaster in real conditions on their farms. We will be visiting farms and introducing the novelty to them. The operators will have the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of the new loader and assess all its benefits.

- Mr. Aset Bolatovich, tell me, how can a simple farmer buy the company's equipment? Are there credit programs?

- There are. We are always ready to help our clients buy quality equipment on favorable terms. Eurasia Group Kazakhstan offers financing, where the customer virtually chooses the price of the loader and acquires the equipment by installments from 3 to 12 months, without overpayment. I would like to note that today more than 200 forklifts have already been sold in Kazakhstan. And more often than not, a farmer acquires one vehicle, and after expanding production and making sure of the quality, adds another JCB equipment to the fleet.


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