07 april 2021
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Brandt harrows and hopper-loaders are coming to Kazakhstan market

Brandt harrows and hopper-loaders are coming to Kazakhstan market

To succeed in agriculture, you need to rely not only on experience and knowledge, but also have reliable equipment and a powerful machinery park. Kazakh farmers have long understood that it is possible to increase agricultural productivity only with high-quality equipment. Today, due to a wide dealer network, there are many different brands of agricultural machinery from all over the world present in the domestic market. And very soon our farmers will discover another brand, one that is popular abroad and has won foreign farmers with its reliability and high productivity. Just before the sowing season, in the height of field and soil preparation, the Kazakh market will receive the Brandt harrows for soil levelling and grain hoppers-loaders.

The company has been manufacturing and selling high-performance equipment for grain processing for more than 85 years. Farmers can choose from a full line of reliable grain augers, conveyors, packing and unloading equipment, grain carriers, as well as harrows for tillage and proper seeding.

Field leader

The first novelty that will be presented to the Kazakh farmers are the Brandt HP spring harrows. Designed to loosen the top layer of soil and to eliminate the weeds in the crops during the sprouting period, they provide an effective conditioning of the soil, levelling the surface of the field. This efficient equipment quickly performs the tasks and allows you to complete other agricultural works in time.

Large central wheels on the side sections allow these harrows to run at high speeds in the toughest conditions. The unique parallel haul system ensures even pressure even in uneven fields. The broad harrow can work on both upland and lowland areas. The high weight of the machine exerts even pressure to level out irregularities and naturally loosen the soil. All tines of the harrow keep in tight contact with the soil, which guarantees an even seedbed preparation. The 76 cm long spring tines with carbide tips are laterally cross-sectioned to handle abundant crop residue and keep the straw passing evenly through the tines to work at high speeds. Hydraulic side wheel height adjustment makes changing the height of the machine quick and easy from the tractor cab. In addition, the harrows are remarkably maneuverable and can be operated reversibly.

These machines are also distinguished by their robust design, which was specially developed to ensure that the farmer can work even in the most difficult climatic and geographical conditions.

According to experts, the simple tine adjustment system minimizes maintenance and reduces costly downtime. Rigid carbide tips - 6.3 cm (optional) provide unmatched tine durability, reducing replacement costs. And steel hydraulic lines provide longer service life than conventional rubber hoses. The surface of the harrow is protected by a quality paint and anti-corrosion powder coat that prevents rust and keeps it looking great for years to come.

For field work, the machines are available with 5 or 7 rows of tines to suit the terrain. It is no exaggeration to say that spring harrows allow you to start the season with a perfect field.

GrainCarts XT tine changers

Another product appreciated by foreign farmers is the new GrainCart XT hopper.

Designed to move large volumes of grain, they are equipped with a modern auger. Its radius of action provides the operator with maximum visibility during loading and unloading operations.

As specialists note, with excellent maneuverability, these bins are very easy to operate. A big inclination angle of the hopper walls ensures its quick and complete cleaning during every loading and unloading cycle.

For long-term operation, high-strength materials are used for construction of hoppers. For example, the rugged straight auger design provides superior hopper reliability and performance.

A reinforced auger coupling increases service life, and auger folding cylinders are specifically designed for frequent use, the experts add. Discharge speeds of up to 16.3 tons/min. The standard four-way outlet is designed for direct unloading without the need to move the transfer hopper. The heavy-duty transmission is designed to keep the shaft running at all times, without any hesitation. To ensure easy access to the tank, the hatch is located low, accessible from ground level and fully sealed.

As with harrows, the special coating of the machinery provides rust protection, superior hopper cleaning and long-lasting component performance.

Another win-win advantage of the hopper-loader is the additional options - joystick control, folding auger slide with auto-lock, LED flap position indicator, fire-fighting kit, hydraulic jack and inspection ladder installed in the front of the hopper.

For more information on the equipment described above, or to purchase Brandt harrows and hoppers, please contact any of the regional offices of Eurasia Group Kazakhstan LLP located in all major cities of Kazakhstan.


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