21 january 2021
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Kazakh agricultural producers got acquainted with the experience of Canada in the agro-industrial complex

Kazakh agricultural producers got acquainted with the experience of Canada in the agro-industrial complex

On the initiative of the Embassy of Canada in Kazakhstan, a virtual agricultural exhibition "Digitalization of the agro-industrial complex The Canadian experience" was held. This virtual business event provided an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest achievements of Canada in the agricultural industry and in the field of digitalization of the agro-industrial complex, World of NAN reports.

The exhibition presented the latest Canadian developments in the field of digitalization of animal husbandry, crop production, greenhouse farming, poultry farming and veterinary medicine.

During the exhibition, we were able to talk with Aarij Bashir, a representative of the Canadian province of Alberta, who told us about the goals of this exhibition with great enthusiasm. 

"The purpose of the exhibition is to promote Canadian agricultural technologies (AGTEC) in Kazakhstan". We work with Canadian companies and help them connect with buyers from Kazakhstan, as well as with potential partners who are interested in these technologies. I see that Kazakhstan is investing a lot of effort in the modernization of its agricultural sector. And we believe that not only in Alberta, but also across Canada, we have companies that can help in this matter. We have not been able to come to Kazakhstan for quite some time. That's why we thought that this virtual exhibition would be a great opportunity. The exhibition is a great opportunity for people to virtually communicate with the company's representatives, get acquainted with the latest innovations in agriculture, ask questions directly to the company's representatives, and get consultation. We can say that the virtual exhibition really allows a lot more freedom of action than we can assume. We hope that this virtual exhibition, at least, will become a focal point between Canadian and Kazakh companies, will allow Kazakh government agencies, the government and the business environment to pay attention to what Canada can offer as a business partner, " says Aarij Bashir.

The exhibition was indeed informative and much more. Leading Canadian companies presented their state-of-the-art equipment and technologies on the virtual platform.

DEVERON, for example, is considered a leader in agricultural technology, specializing in the collection and analysis of data that helps farmers reduce costs and increase yields. The company's product line includes services for soil sampling, unmanned aerial vehicles-drones, fungicide schemes, and measures for protecting corn from nitrogen.

Milk Moovement, presented at the exhibition, offers innovative software for dairy production for all participants in the raw milk supply chain. The company Bushel Plus offered an original system for calibrating the combine harvester, designed to quantify crop losses.

Livestock Water Recycling presented its manure treatment technology. The company works with farms around the world to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, concentrate and separate nutrients for strategic fertilization, as well as water reuse.

Many types of harvesters for a wide variety of crops and conditions for farmers were offered by representatives of Honey Bee Manufacturing.

The organizers also paid due attention to the Internet of Things market. EZ enRoute, a company working in the field of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, which implements the most modern technologies to make our world smarter and safer, presented a unique platform at the exhibition. It is a system for a data network between physical objects using a cloud-based SaaS solution that includes sensors, devices, gateways, and other equipment to help connect people and objects. In addition to this system, the company has also developed an integrated autonomous voice bot.

Renn Mill Center, a recognized world leader in the development and production of high-quality systems for processing and storing grain in bags, was also represented at the exhibition. The organizers noted that farmers in more than 25 countries around the world rely on RENN to provide solutions for all their dry and wet grain processing needs with a full line of roller and hammer mills and agitators.

Equipment and technologies for processing seeds, fertilizers, grain, and feed were presented by AGI. The company claims that AGI equipment and technologies help simplify the storage, mixing, grinding, transportation, conditioning, processing and protection of agricultural products.

The presentation of the company Vytelle, which offers the most advanced reproductive technologies in the livestock industry, piqued great interest among the participants. The hormone-free technology offered by Vytelle helps farmers maximize herd genetics, increase fertilization rates, and gain many other benefits that save time and increase profitability.

During the exhibition, innovative solutions and software for farm management, field management, crop planning and profitability improvement, plant breeding, drying and storage equipment, and much more were presented to the participants and other leading companies in the Canadian agricultural industry.

A separate area at the exhibition was allocated to the University of Alberta, in particular the Faculty of Agriculture, which is among the top 5 universities in Canada and the top 100 educational institutions in the world. According to the organizers, the university has a great potential for strengthening the partnership between the two countries.

The institution, they say, will be interesting for future students who would like to study in Canada and even for potential partners who may want to collaborate with Canadian scientists in the field of research.

"The exhibition has become a launching pad for partnership, and in the future, we hope, after the opening of the borders, companies will be able to gain access to Kazakhstan and present all the developments and advanced technologies right here," concluded Aarij Bashir at the end of the exhibition.

The virtual event piqued great interest among the participants and the business environment. I would like to believe that the innovative developments and technologies presented at the exhibition will soon be able to be implemented by Kazakh farmers, which will make it possible to bring the country's agricultural sector to a higher level of development.


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