26 march
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Young tractor driver from Kyzylkum - activist on field work
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14 may
How Shymkent residents respond to our blitz surveys
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27 march
How does irrigation help to double yields?
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25 march
A new oil extraction plant will be built in Kazakhstan
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30 april
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24 march
No-till farming - the key to increasing yields and preserving the environment
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20 march
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Canadians outraged by the use of palm oil in dairy products
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23 april
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23 march
How to grow vegetables and fruits in "vertical farms" without soils?
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Главные агроновости Казахстана
From handmade wooden plow to high technology innovation ..

The agricultural sector largely predetermined the history of mankind. Our future depends on it. What do we know about the history of agriculture in Kazakhstan? Who of the outstanding scientists of the past had an influence on the development of our country’s agricultural sector? Why is agriculture called the driver of the national economy today? What prospects do high technologies of the future open for agriculturists? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our website “World of NAN”.

Website’s various sections will present:

  • archival information, library materials;
  • previously unknown historical facts about agriculture;
  • unique documentaries and videos;
  • memories of old gaffers about the past, interviews of experts about the present and future.

All information is given in three languages, Kazakh, Russian and English, for wide range of audiences.

Map of Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan is a unique country of ancient nomads.

Spread out in the boundless Eurasian steppes, in the very heart of the continent, the country has become a bridge between the civilizations of the East and West, North and South.

The country is located at the crossroads of the ancient route - the Great Silk Road, and this has been reflected in the rich history and culture of Kazakhstan.

Over the centuries this area has seen the establishment and development of many states with their own unique history. Today, sovereign Kazakhstan, recognized by the international community, holds legacy of the great states of the past.

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